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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA, End Piracy!

Blackouts? Not for US!

By: GhostDante1, Co-Founder of the Halifax Paranormal Investigations, Editor of the Halifax Paranormal Blog

As many of you are aware, as of today Wikipedia, accompanied by Google, Mozilla, Wordpress, and Reddit and so on, have all decided collectively to force themselves into a 24 hour online blackout to protest against the American Government's decision to change the infrastructure of web-based browsing, and free research information via bills that Congress are trying to pass.

With this said, expect the net and other social media outlets such as Twitter and/or Facebook primarily to be blowing up with users expressing their points of views on the #stopSOPA and #EndPiracy trends taking the media world by storm.

Due to today's blackout movements, we here at Halifax Paranormal Investigations will be closely monitoring the progress of the protests, and social media/web blackouts; but want to assure all of you that there will be NO blackout for this blog, or ghostbusting group!

If these bills are approved by Congress; it'll not only end the hundred+ years we have enjoyed the chartered freedoms of speech ensured to us as a "free" North American continent (Canada included); but end freedom of web-based speech as well and affect how universities and public schools nationwide conduct research -- this loss cannot be afforded. weblink to the developing story on the blackouts!

Rest assured that Halifax Paranormal will always be here to search, seek and hunt for the truth of the unexplained, be it through a blackout crisis or not. We will blog and tweet more as the day progresses, so stay tuned!

Halifax Paranormal

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