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Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Going Strong in the Face of Obscurity!

By: GhostDante1, Co-Founder of the Halifax Paranormal Investigations, Editor of the Halifax Paranormal Blog

Our Mission Statement

After careful discussion and debate, we have chosen to NOT delete the Facebook public forums, blog forums and twitter feed for Halifax Paranormal.

We are our own organization that is slowly learning to stand on our own two feet, and as far as we see it; it's learn by experience; and not what other people say. Criticism is just that, a critique of something someone does. I'm pretty sure that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms clearly states the Freedom of Speech Act for all Canadian citizens.

Henceforth, we have added a disclaimer on the blog stating that our experiences and accounts of the paranormal are all our own, and do not reflect that our the client(s) who may or may not be involved in a subsequent investigation.

Every Paranormal group learns by itself on it's own, and so what if our opinions are thought to be one sided, and not open to debate and possibilities; the realm of the paranormal, supernatural and unexplained is still in infancy and always open to debate regardless.

We will continue to feed the public's fascination of the paranormal with our updates, and case claims, evidence and so on; and as far as we see it -- we may be a small unit, but we will learn big.
The dead, be them 5th dimension beings, ghosts, demons, shadow figures, angels and or whatever have a story to tell the living world...and we are ready to listen.

Halifax Paranormal

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