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Monday, January 23, 2012

Manifestation of Delusions

Psychology V Delusion

By: GhostDante1, Co-Founder of the Halifax Paranormal Investigations, Editor of the Halifax Paranormal Blog

In my Abnormal Psychology classes in university, we covered a section that could also be interpreted in the paranormal world as well, this being the unsettling topic of manifestation and delusions -- both which can be confused with possession and/or paranormal activity in a person(s) or personal dwelling (house, warehouse, abandoned building, ruined castle, prison, asylum) etc where death has occurred.

Hauntings by spirits, elemental, shadow figures, poltergeists and/or demons or otherwise are not just bound to places of violence or disturbance; sometimes reports of a haunting has to be carefully dissected with an aura of skepticism in order to cover all the possibilities before proceeding with an investigation.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Prior alcohol or substance abuse which could cause negative entities to be drawn to you, or perhaps cause psychological stress on the mind, resulting in the delusion of a haunting
  • Violence or abuse in the family, and this includes child abuse or neglect as well, once again resulting in the possibility of psychological distress
  • Religious backgrounds and misinterpretation of paranormal activity due to one's beliefs
  • Any recent events in a clients personal life that could lead to he or she becoming open to paranormal activity happening in their home, such as a trauma in the family or the practice of the occult without an understanding of the consequences of such actions. This is more often than not, the result of he or she playing with a Ouija or "spirit board" and inadvertently opening a doorway to the afterlife (heaven, limbo or hell) and not understanding what could come through.
A person or investigator with no knowledge of the paranormal could be followed home by an entity from a separate location (asylum, cemetery) etc resulting in a haunting. Suffice it to say, be it psychological or an acknowledged haunting which a religious rite such as house blessing or exorcism must be performed can happen by any means.

Alternatively to that, there is also the underlying psychological part of that equation -- this going back to my opening comment on manifestation and delusion. Poltergeists are among these. Negative emotions, in particular to strong emotions; like fear for example -- or worry or stress or insomnia if left untreated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist can manifest into external energy with physical effects. Multiple Personality Disorder, or now referred to as Dis-associative Identity Disorder (DID)  or Schizophrenia are good examples of negative emotion left unchecked resulting in the manifestation of delusions, and in extreme cases the subject is then incarcerated in a mental health facility due to the physical trauma he or she would inflict on their bodies (cuts to the arm, self flagellation, attempted suicide, substance abuse, or other self inflicted wounds) in an attempt to "heal" the subject from the mental disturbance afflicting them.

This can also be misinterpreted by religious scholars or otherwise for signs of possession, when it isn't.  Nightmares have, in some cases; been shown to trigger physical manifestations, due to delusions. However, such phenomena do not appear to happen to just anyone. Although it is not clear why, adolescents, especially young children are prone to such occurrences; which leads to the universal thought that children are more in tuned and more open to paranormal phenomena than adults are; given their young ages and closer to death than we are (ex: the sixth sense) or ability to commune, both audible and visual manifestation of the dead.

With all this said, the debate in both the scientific world of psychology, and the alternative world of para-psychology will always be just that, a subject left open to debate.

Halifax Paranormal

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