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Friday, January 6, 2012

Future Investigation?

New Ground for the Paranormal?

While my girlfriend and I were driving home earlier tonight, I pointed out in puzzlement the row of abandoned, darkened apartments in Dartmouth's North End, just adjacent to the Mackay Bridge; bordered by Tufts Cove, the BIO; and the Canadian Coast Guard, this being the shadowy Shannon Park - which used to be old CFB military housing, built roughly in the 1950's to accommodate Navy personnel during WW2, which was abandoned in 2004, now left to decay, forgotten by the expanding municipality.

Hence forth, Halifax Paranormal will be in the pre-planning stages of a possible overnight investigation there in the near future.

Weblinks Regarding Shannon Park:,_Nova_Scotia                              

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  1. Good luck, they hardly let military people in there anymore. The building are falling apart and there is all kinds of mold and chemicals in there.