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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exorcism v Mental Illness v Possession?

Our POV on The Devil Inside and its Claims on Exorcism and Demonic Possession

By: GhostDante1, Co-Founder of the Halifax Paranormal Investigations, Editor of the Halifax Paranormal Blog

OK, so JG and I saw "The Devil Inside" movie last night, and apart from the amateur looking "shaky cam" documentary feel to the movie, our first impressions were that it was the most in-depth, and deeply disturbing film about Exorcism, possibly ever made. Although the movie claims that the Holy Church in Rome (Vatican) has ceased the practice of Exorcism, a practice that is believed by many religions worldwide, primarily in the Christian Faith; and banned the ritual in 1999 "first time in 400 years" the film claims -- the film does focus on the thin blue line between mental illness and possession. Rome does have a "school for exorcism" which focuses on theory, as opposed to the ancient rite of battle with the demonic.

In today's world, mental illness is the number one explanation for many of religion's skeletons in the closet, in particular exorcism and possession by demonic forces. It's true that victims who have been "afflicted" supposedly with possession and have undergone the exorcism ritual have died due to cases of malnutrition and starvation; or from the stress of psychological trauma imposed on the body. (see Exorcism of Annalise Michel, the German girl who inspired the film Exorcism of Emily Rose for a better understanding). The Vatican and the Holy See collectively like to cover-up and condone the existence of exorcism, and consider it illegal to practice without consent and protection of the church's jurisdiction. It's easy to mistake demonic possession for mental illness, such as epilepsy for example as the skeptics would say.

A well known, and famous case where demonic possession was a possibility as the motive was the Amittyville Horror House crime scene case in 1974 where Ronald DeFeo, Jr. brutally murdered his entire family while they slept; claiming he heard the voices of the demonic telling him to do it, asking the question of possession or simply a deep burning hatred for the family que? Thirteen months later, in December 1975; George and wife Kathy Lutz and family moved into the same house, and according to witness statements were plagued by a dark, demonic force in the house. To this day, there has been no definitive conclusion as to what truly happened in that house. Could exorcism or a house-blessing have culled the demonic forces?

Who's to say?  

For an exorcism to be performed on an individual who may be possessed, the Holy See has to verify that upon request from the Archbishop of that particular parish who is making the claims. Sometimes exorcisms can take from days, to years. The Holy Church condemns the video-taping and audio-recording of the ancient rite. As it was said in the film "The Devil Inside", there are different forms of demons who all answer to the one, the "CEO" of Hell, Lucifier/Satan who's name when translated means "angel" or "bringer of light". Lucifier was an arch-angel who wanted to become God, and when he rebelled against Heaven, he was kicked out and demonized, then locked in the prison of fire along with several other fallen angels who rebelled with him after the war in Heaven by archangel Michael for a thousand years.

Suffice it to say, this army of fallen angels reverted to becoming demons, and can sometimes infest a single individual at one time on a massive-scale, forming a Legion or "multiple demonic possession(s)" For "The Devil Inside", we at Halifax Paranormal can clearly see why the Vatican did not endorse the movie's production; simply put, they'd probably wish that this film, and the true to life claims of real events that it is based on were left quieted. A Legion can also jump from one individual to another, as well many victims who are truly possessed can manifest an innocent guise to try and fool the priesthood into thinking that the dark force haunting them has left.

Some of the claims of "signs of possession" that "The Devil Inside" made were enlarged pupils (over 9mm, the standard of human eye-sight), enhanced almost superhuman strength and knowledge, the ability to speak in multiple voice pitch and languages, the blaspheming and violent outbursts to religious objects such as crosses, the bible, holy water and a priest and so on. With this said, exorcism can also be easily mistook for DID or Dis-Associative Identity Disorder or in layman's terms "multiple personality disorder", sometimes causing the afflicted person to be incarcerated in a mental health institution instead of being treated for possession.

With all this said, this is just our own opinion on the topic of exorcism, mental illness and the "Devil Inside" film. Please feel free to form your own opinions and feedback. Leave a comment, read the blog or tweet us and tell us what you think about the dark subject of exorcism and demonic possession.

Halifax Paranormal

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