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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Exorcism in History v Film

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Although this Friday's theatrical release of The Devil Inside is a work of fiction supposedly based on true events, one thing is true...and that is the Roman Catholic Church doesn't authorize the recording of or video taping of exorcism; or any kind of religious rite of spiritual deliverance against demonic forces. 

Although the true facts about the film are not known, and possibly withheld intentionally by the Holy See and the Vatican Church, what is clear is that Exorcism itself has been around for as long as man has established the Catholic Church on Earth. 

The Vatican in the past 20 years has increased the number of trained Exorcists, from once a sparse number of a dozen, to now over 300+; yet disavows the existance of the Devil on earth. Traditionally, the religious rite uses to combat demonic forces is called the "Rituale Romanum", and as seen in prior cases, a victim can be infested with four or more demons forming a Legion. 

A priest who practices exorcism outside of the Church's consent is considered a rogue. Another tidbit for you, the practice of Exorcism began with Christ Himself, and the ritual can go on for years as the church battles for the victim's soul. In recent years, the reports of alleged demonic paranormal activity has increased.

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