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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dead Birds...A Sign of the End?

Good Morning, and Happy New Year, Paranormal Community!

As many of you have probably heard by now in the latest headlines from the American media, an estimated total of 5000 dead black birds, have fallen from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas, to kick off the start of the 2012 new year. Just like the year prior, hundreds of perfectly healthy black birds befell the community of Little Rock, Arkansas -- perhaps due to too many fireworks being set off in celebration of the New Years Eve festivities, causing heart-attacks?

The following video is provided by the "American Morning" segment on, dated 1/1/2012:

Without a concrete explanation, authorities in Beebe, Ark formally banned residents from firing off fireworks due to the corpses falling from the heavens, but yet one has to think...the conspiracy theorists have already jumped on the bandwagon with this unexplained event and given credence to the rumored 2012 Mayan Calender "end of days" perception of the world coming to an "end"?  If this is true, then there must be a larger paranormal reasoning for Starling, and Black Bird deaths? On Monday, the "mass mortality" event related to Arkansas, was Louisiana was 500 birds falling from the sky.

The following video is taken from

Such as the case the year earlier, as the first day approached in its wee hours, birds would suddenly awaken from their roosting alcoves, only to die and fall on humanity...dead. Police stated that the first incident reports of the dead birds started around 19h00 (7pm GMT); forcing the city-wide ban on fireworks, as authorities worked with animal control to collect the corpses and determine cause of death.

Others believe poisoning of the birds, or perhaps....something far more sinister this way comes?

Source for below video:

This event, CTV News reports coupled with the hundreds of dead drum fish that had washed up in the Arkansas River, causes some speculation of an apocalypse-like event brought on by God, or perhaps ancient predictions of an End of Days that is beyond our control. As the media pointed out, it was probably the confusing crack and boom of fireworks that sent the foul into a frenzy of cardiac-arrest, and crashing into police vehicles, houses and so on.

Another theory of probability for the conspiracy theorists is the testing of military weaponary, in particular of the HAARP facility, outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, which experiments with weather-manipulation, and atmospheric/harmonic manipulation technology for American BLACK projects. Whose to say, really? All one can say is, if the birds themselves continue to fall in record numbers yearly with the annual eve of the New Year approaching it will ultimately deplete the migratory nature of birds to the southern states during the winter months; throwing the whole Natural Order into chaos.

With climate-change and global warming quickly becoming a hot-topic these days, one has to wonder about this puzzling question; is it a paranormal event based on prophecy that  caused these birds over the last two years now to suddenly rain down on man, or is it simply another sign of the Earth changing due to climate-change?

A link to the CTV News report on the dead birds can be found below:

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