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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Origin of Evil?

In light of a subject that was brought to my attention last night while driving around looking at Christmas lights with JG, was the site of her old childhood home, 85 A Belle Vista Drive, in Dartmouth.

In particular, was the troubling accounts of her paranormal experiences, some that still plague her to this day. For example, the attic door would open by itself in both day and night time hours, whether or not she and/or family were present in the house, or the unseen presence of a shadow figure (possibly demonic), whatever or whomever it is that followed and focused on JG for a yet unknown reason. At 5 years of age, the strange paranormal activity started. She moved into 85 A at 3 years old, and it started two years later.

From then on, cold spots, the disembodied sounds of voices coming from her closet, and also finding dead crows suddenly appear in the attic out of nowhere. The entity had never physically made itself known to her in the original house; and another creepy story from the house was during a thunderstorm the power had gone out in her basement with her brother, and out nowhere the metal support poles started banging loudly, and hard enough to make the floor shake -- no explanation of how or why this happened.

In juxtaposition to the sight of dead crows in the attic, the crow (echoing from the story of Genesis/Old Testament of Noah's Ark and the Flood) where Noah released a dove and a raven for messages, only to have the dove return to the Ark as a raven to pillage the dying Earth -- is a symbol of death; with the one crow meaning sorrow and impending doom. (Genesis 6:1-9:17).

The sight of a black crow, sometimes following or preceding a death indicates that it is a symbol of impending doom.

The following is a quote taken from Raven,

"The crow is associated with motherly love and spiritual strength. It was believed that fairies turned into crows in order to cause trouble. In heraldry, a crow was used to indicate a dark person such as a Moor or a Saracen. In Egypt, two crows, like two doves, were an emblem of monogamy."

Another more probable answer to this dark riddle of the dead crows, can be found at:

 "You have a great protection around you. This crow is a sign of evil and bad things to come, BUT finding it dead is good. Your guardian angel or protector saved you. The crow represents a old witch doctor searching for souls."

The fact that the sight of dead crows being found in the attic, would be a sign of death coming to those who dwell in the residence, but perhaps it would be a sign of good fortune from a benevolent entity trying to protect JG from an evil haunting her house. Since then, even in her new house as seen in prior blog posts, this entity (if is the same) has been making forcible advances on her physically, but perhaps it is a sign of possession of JG. Not spiritual, but of object -- as discussed earlier with her, it (entity) may see JG as an object it "owns" and hence does not want intruders or anyone near her. 

Furthermore, it came to my attention that JG's mother (unnamed) practiced and experienced paranormal activity and witchcraft in her teenage years. Now, before you start thinking Paranormal Activity 3 here, this is not some fantasy life imitating a movie script, this IS real! 

Oddly enough, the activity ceased for years, almost in a dormant state until my arrival in JG's life, then the activity started again. Does this demon entity sense me as a threat, or could the haunting be simply passed down through a family bloodline from mother to daughter. In other reports of recent activity, research specialist and investigator JG reported strange rustling sounds coming from her bedroom closet as of last night, and it was NOT an animal of any kind....

I'd love to keep blogging, but real life awaits; so I'm gonna call it a day here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on this bizarre and ongoing investigation into the paranormal! 

Ciao, all!

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