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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Unexplained Activity in Dartmouth Home

Original Posting: Tuesday, 22 November, 2011

Dancing in the Dark?

Good Evening, Ghouls, Ghosts and blog readers alike!

I just thought I'd grab a minute, now that I'm home to blog quickly about some freaky paranormal activity in my girlfriend's house earlier tonight! JG and I were chilling in her room, minding our own business when suddenly out of nowhere an unexplained random power-outage blanketed HER room in darkness, for 20-30 seconds; around 17h30 before coming back on!

Naturally, with the impending blizzard about to knock Halifax on it's chilly ass, one might attribute a random power-outage to a more rational explanation...however; this is generally NOT so when JG is under possible psychic, and paranormal attacks and experiences on a nightly basis by an unseen entity, a dark "shadow being" that has no remorse on making itself known to her; despite my presence in the room. She had felt physically touched as well as pinned down to the bed, heard a rapid "clicking" sound in the corner of her room, breathing, objects turn off and on by themselves or move, and all in just her room!

For the last 15 years, this haunting has followed JG, and tormented her; and after days of no paranormal activity; it makes itself known tonight while I am there? This more than just a random event.

Furthermore, JG and I have been in contact with members of Maritime Paranormal, a local paranormal investigation team who is looking into her case as we speak. Whether this entity is demonic in nature, or possessive of JG, or simply curious and in transit due to the possibility of JG being potentially psychic with medium prowess; remains to be seen.  Our theory before tonight, was; it (entity) would wait until my presence was off the property before manifesting--and tonight, that proved wrong due to the blackout--an deliberate attempt of communication and manifestation.

Perhaps me nagging it (entity) on after the blackout to challenge and haunt me instead of JG, calling it "coward" and "weak ass" was not the smartest of ideas, but it needed to hear that it has no authority or legality in this world of the living.

For more on this continuing case, please follow me on Twitter @GhostDante1, or follow Maritime Paranormal @maritimeghosts and keep checking my blog for more updates. Unfortunately, we were unable to capture any EVP/audio or video evidence in her residence; but more evidence will be uploaded here when available!

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