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Monday, December 26, 2011

Disturbing EVP in Asylum

Hey, guys! This is by far the scariest EVP that I have heard captured by a paranormal investigation team (Ghost Investigators Society/GIS) of by founding members Brendan Cook and Barbara MacBeth, while on case in an abandoned mental health facility. 

Number 1, it's almost two minutes long, and for 2; it's disturbing because of the sounds of a disembodied child voice being drowned -- in a room with no water in it. 

Have a listen, (best with headphones) and wall message or tweet me what you think is happening. It first aired on the Art Bell radio show, Coast to Coast AM in 1997. The asylum had seen 7 deaths total, and 4 suicides  during it's time from 1967-1989 run as a mental health facility. They had seen water damage, and were invited  to the abandoned unnamed asylum (former bank) by the superintendent; who wanted proof for her and employees of the alleged haunting.  

Below is part-six of 12 of the GIS investigation of the said asylum, followed by the disturbing EVP of the child.;

The link to the EVP video is below as follows:

The child EVP voice clearly says at the beginning, "help me, I couldn't breathe. I can't breathe" followed by an unidentified male's voice saying "murder", then the slashing of water followed by a thud, then silence. GIS investigated further into the background of this disturbing EVP -- and found no records of any child incarceration in the asylum, nor any active body of water, as there was no running water in the building. GIS also doesn't allow children to join on their ghost hunts. 

Suffice it to say, GIS and Art Bell were unable to determine the root cause of the EVP. 


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