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Friday, December 23, 2011

And I Walk Through the Valley of the Dead...

Yesterday, my girlfriend and fellow paranormal investigator/research specialist JG were driving around Halifax, before I had to go in to work, and decided to stop by Camp Hill Cemetery, (circa 1844) on Robie Street, a burying ground to packed with ancient bodies and ripe with severe paranormal activity that the municipal government locks down the cemetery at 8pm every night as per by law. It replaced the city's original cemetery, Old Burying Grounds, on the corners of Spring Garden Road and Barrington Streets, which was established circa 1749.

The main entrance to Camp Hill Cemetery is located on Summer Street.

Below are two amateur videos of our cemetery visit. Although we didn't see any ghosts, or any sign of supernatural activity, just the odd person cutting through for a shortcut, just the atmosphere was unsettling enough.

However, for those who reside around the cemetery still to this day, on Spring Garden Road, and surrounding area; report sightings of ghostly apparitions dressed in Eighteenth Century clothing wandering the graves at night. Entrance into CHC is forbidden at night, but when Paranormal Canada featuring Ryan Buell, and the cast of A&E'S "Paranormal State" and director of the Paranormal Research Society, in partnership with Maritime Paranormal while on their Canadian tour came here in October of this year, was granted special permission to conduct a ghost hunt investigation overnight in CHC--it would be interesting to know, if anything; was found.

This cemetery is worldly famous for housing the founder and creator of Keith's beer, Mr. Alexander Keith himself, whom every year on the anniversary of his death during "Keiths Fest" aka a concert to celebrate the man himself for making a provincial trademark beer, his grave is lined with beer bottles. The cemetery also houses the body of Mr. Joseph "Joe" Howe.

In retrospect, if there was ever a hotspot for paranormal activity in Halifax, then I would highly suggest spending a night with a camera, video camera HD equipped with night vision, digital recorder and FLIR thermal/IR camera or analog tape recorder and go try some paranormal investigating of Halifax's ghostly past yourself!

I know I plan to do this at some point.


Below are Links about Alexander Keith and Camp Hill Cemetery: Alexander Keith's Bio Camp Hill Cemetery Wiki Page, and listing of those buried

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