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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Recent Paranormal Activity in Dartmouth Home

Good Morning, Paranormal and Supernatural activity followers!

It has come to my attention to share some of the details of a recent report of ghostly, and probable demonic activity occurring almost nightly in the home of my girlfriend aka fellow paranormal investigator JG.

To say that the activity in her home is quiet, is a lie. She has been touched, and awoken out of a dead sleep at 03h00am by an unseen entity which pinned her down to her own bed. Also, she reports seeing a dark shadow figure in a bathroom mirror one morning, just staring at her. Lights would turn on and off, also the feeling of oppression and dread when the being is around, almost isolating her. Her own animals would start barking violently at corners of the room or growl at nothing all of a sudden. She has heard an unexplained "clicking" sound in the corner of her room, the feeling of uncomfortable and being watched, as well as knocking, banging, and ghostly footsteps.

In her past, she has been in the use of a spirit/witch or Ouija board, but does this explain the paranormal activity that has followed, and both haunted her and her father today? It's hard, at this point to determine that. Our research concluded that during the 1900's, there was a supposed mental asylum for the criminally insane in the immediate area nearby the case site (101 Main St., which is now a EHS Paramedic training building). So, with this said, could the activity be linked to the wandering souls of the disturbing departed -- or something more? Further investigation will be needed to determine more about the entity, and why it haunts today.

According to Julie, the entity seems to be connected, almost drawn to her. Yet, it was discovered that with my physical presence in the home with her especially at night, the entity seemed to be withdrawn and elusive, refusing to make any sign of contact or attempt at a paranormal attack.

Recently, I had contacted for help from Maritime Paranormal (, and are awaiting for a response to start an investigation into this activity.

Stay tuned for further information as the case unfolds.

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