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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 has been Unleashed!

A couple of weeks ago, the highest R rated ghost and demon free-camera grossing docu-horror; of course I'm talking about Paranormal Activity 3, which finally tells the origin story of Katie and Kristi as children, and first coming in an unrelenting horrific contact with the "demon" who will eventually possess both adult girls, and kidnap the newly born male child; Hunter. (Paranormal Activity 1 and 2).

Below is one of the trailers for the film, found on

It turns out that the whole connection to the demon that practically destroys their lives as sisters and the lives of the families, started on the mother's side of the bloodline -- hence why Kristi was possessed first, then Katie (the older and significantly stronger sister) then taking Hunter as hostage for  yet unknown purpose.

Without giving away spoilers, the film does touch on the existence of paranormal activity for countless, helpless and often terrified victims and people worldwide. Because of these, and other media outlets basing on ghosts, and demons and paranormal activity -- i.e. Paranormal State, American Ghost Hunter, and related UFO or psychic phenomena -- i.e. UFO Hunters, Psychic Kids or travelling the world looking for truth behind hauntings and monster mythos -- i.e. Destination Truth, Monsterquest, Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International--all of which can be found on either A&E, or SYFY channels; that there has been a resurgence and interest in the paranormal that has never been seen before.

Is this because paranormal activity has increased due to the Catholic belief in the "end times" as dictated in the New Testament's Book of Revelation of St. John of Patmos? Time will only tell, but for now; why don't you grab a bag of popcorn and soft drink. Oh, and don't get too comfortable in your seat, you'll be jumping out of it quite soon!

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