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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Investigation in Fairview Cemetery

                                                         Paranormal Halifax            

  "He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world"
                                                                                                           -JOB 18:18
Good Evening, skeptics and paranormal devotees alike!

I'm @GhostDante, a tweeter and resident of Halifax, NS where I was born and raised; with a rather unusual interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. I started this blog to share with all of you who dare to read it, the outcomes of any upcoming investigations into the world of the dark unknown. As with all old cities, Halifax, which became a province under British rule in 1749 has seen its share of grim disasters and deaths, echoing back to the eviction of the Natives and Acadians in 1748, to the near apocalyptic Halifax Explosion on December 6th, 1917 between the SS IMO and SS Mont Blonc which claimed the lives of over 2,000+ civilians. Some, if not all of which still linger in the limbo of Heaven and Hell in Halifax today.

With all this history of blood and death, it was time for a new role in life for me, the acceptance of the possibility of the existence of the paranormal. Such as last night, and what a way to kick off my new life as an amateur paranormal investigator, aka rookie!

With it being Halloween night in Halifax, NS; (10/31/2011) my girlfriend and fellow rookie paranormal investigator Julie Gurholt (@judycrackhoe); decided to try taking on the daunting task of capturing an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) which is thought by many to be the recorded voices of the dead; or souls that still wander the our earthly realm. With a small digital recorder, and Julie's "Ghost Radar Classic WV" app on her iPhone 4 in hand, we piled into the car and ventured out to Fairview Cemetery for an interesting experience. Upon arriving, (around 21h10) we first ventured out into the cold darkness of the Titanic disaster grave memorial site, and not ten minutes later received an EVP that came as crystal clear as day--given that the digital recorder can only pick up audible and vocal sounds within a 5ft span away from its microphone--that voice was female.

We did not hear it with our own human hearing, as EVP exists in a plane above the normal human hearing level. The voice clearly said "I was here", and was an almost immediate response to me asking where the entity was, and had both heard distant ruffling of leaves from somewhere in the graves. Having no access to an EMF detector, IR detector, or night vision camera or even a camera for that matter for either video or photographic evidence to review; we listened to the EVP replay in her car on the ride back...and our blood both ran cold with the results.

With each EVP, Julie kept reporting the constant blue, red and yellow dots appearing on her radar, followed by whispering. This was too much evidence to dismiss.

In conclusion, all I can say is, we also heard other whispers and unexplained sounds incorporated in the EVP, as well, Julie felt a "tingle" sensation up her back, and myself an unexplained chill....from the cold air? I don't believe it so. I won't say that I am a skeptic, and dismiss the paranormal altogether. But, what IF, for a moment of consideration of all things possible; that this female spirit had taken an interest in us mortals who invaded their world of the dead asking for a sign of their presence, and followed us till we made contact?

Who knows? All I know is...that those who doubt and disbelieve, it doesn't hurt to go try it yourself, and ya never know...maybe the dead do want to talk.

Thank you for your time, and stay tuned for more paranormal blogs to come.

Below, is a photo of Fairview Cemetery, as well as a map.
Halifax Explosion weblink from Wikipedia.
HRM Homepage about Fairview Cemetery.

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