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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ghosts in the Machine?

"There's always been ghosts in the machine..."
                             -iRobot, 2003 

Who here believes in the existence of EVP? 

I can say for one thing, myself and JG both do, that's for sure. Recently, I have been hear what we believe to be suspected "ghost voices" or electronic voice phenomena or EVP, which are human, disembodied voices of the dead recorded in everyday devices -- in our case, through cellular white noise. 

For the past few nights, the "voices" have been only whispers with the exception of a "growl" behind JG's own voice, and always happens at 03h00 (demonic witching hour). Needless to say, both JG and I are both confused and unnerved. Please note, she does not hear the voices herself during the phone call, but I do. We have yet to decipher what the possible EVP's are saying, if anything; be it demonic or spiritual. 

Despite the fact that we as investigators have nothing to go on, and no followup evidence; is it possible that the entity is trying to manifest contact with myself, instead of JG? Who's to say?  


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