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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Case Update!

It seems that the paranormal activity just doesn't want to end!

Yesterday, client, and fellow paranormal investigator and girlfriend JG reported that further actions made by supposedly the entity haunting her suburban Dartmouth home has started again, like a cycle.

At 03h00, JG was awoken from a deep slumber to feel a ghostly hand from an unseen presence touching her right thigh while her bare skin was exposed in bed, and making itself known through manifestation and "pinning" her down, however not like before; but more of a pressure on her. (can anyone say Paranormal Activity, anyone?)

In light of the time reference, 03h00 seems to be a recurring theme with this entity, as this is not the first time the entity haunting her has manifested or attacked her either. As most religious scholars, occultists, people of the Cloth (Catholicism/Christianity)  and paranormal investigators will tell you and believe in is that 03h00 is the inversion of the 15h00 (3pm) legendary time of crucifixion time of Jesus Christ in the New Testament; 03h00 is known as the "demonic witching hour" used by inverted occult practioners, Satanists and so on used to call on the dark forces. With that said, is this unseen presence a demonic force or something more?

Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on this, we'd be interested to debate possible ideas on this entity.

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